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I Never Thought That My Husband Was A Billionaire II

I Never Thought That My Husband Was A Billionaire II

Author:Si Niceboy



Hello old readers as well as new readers. Welcome and surprise. This is really a continuation of the story of Hendery Rachel. Now you can enjoy it. And for you, new readers, I suggest reading I Never Thought That My Husband Was A Billionaire 1 to find out the beginning of their closeness. So, happy reading. On her sacred wedding day. Rachel Watson was framed by her half-sister. Let the whole family down. No one believed Rachel, not even her father and her fiancé. Disappointed, Rachel had withdrawn from the Watson family to the City Hall. Drunk, Rachel met a handsome guy who she thought was a driver. No one thought that the man was a ruler of various nations. “Marry me. Then I will give you my virgin body.” “Deal!”

Hendery, who was standing at the side, calmly rolled up the sleeves of his long white shirt. He walked to Rachel and said, “Let me help you wash the crayfish.”

However, when he picked up the crayfish, he had no idea how to wash it.

He also did not know which direction the kitchen door of Lambert International opened in.

“Forget it. I’ll wash the vegetables instead.”

However, Hendery was helpless again in front of a whole plate of cabbage, tomatoes, and bitter gourd.

“No, it’s okay. You can go and accompany the kids. Go and accompany our son,” Rachel said, shooing him away.

“Aunt Katty, please accompany them,” Hendery said. He would rather accompany his wife.

Aunt Katty understood what he meant. She immediately went out to accompany the little masters, leaving the couple alone in the kitchen..

Although Hendery did not know how to wash these vegetables, he still clumsily offered to help. Whether he could help his wife or not was one thing, but his attitude was most important.

Besides, today was his son’s first time back home. Hendery really wanted to do well and gain a good impression in his son’s heart.

He regretted never having learned to cook. Otherwise, he could cook for Hayden today.

He had not been around to raise Hayden in these past few years, so he was feeling a little guilty about it.

Rachel did not expect a man like Hendery would have so many concerns. She simply let him deal with the pile of vegetables.

A luxurious car appeared downstairs.

Mrs. Lambert got out of the car and took off her sunglasses.

Mrs. Lambert had not forgotten about her son’s warning back then. Even though she came here to ask for an explanation, she still remembered that her son had not revealed his real identity yet.

Today, she was dressed in a simple outfit. She was carrying a handbag from an unknown brand. The car she chose to drive over was also the most simple car that the Lambert family could find.

She looked around the neighborhood and found that it was indeed a little too modest. Out of all the Lambert family’s real estate, they did not have such an ordinary house.

She could not help but shake her head. She had really spoiled her son, which was now giving her trouble.

If the woman really had a child outside of the Lambert family, how could she be worthy of her son?

“Madam, this is the place,” the assistant said to Mrs. Lambert.

“You can wait outside,” Mrs. Lambert said.

She walked into the building and entered the elevator.

Everything here was too simple for her.

The decorations here were very common despite this being a prosperous area in Jakarta that many people hoped to reside in. The schools here were very good as well. Rachel only bought a place here after taking into consideration Hayden’s education.

Hendery was happily washing the vegetables for his wife when he heard the doorbell ring. He went to the door before Aunt Katty did.

Maybe his intuition was warning him, so he felt an unknown pressure.

Hendery opened the door and saw his mother’s familiar but serious-looking face.

“Mom, why are you here?” Hendery frowned slightly. He was not ready to welcome his mother yet.

Rachel must not be ready either.

Mrs. Lambert felt really sorry for her son. She looked at him up and down, only to see that he was wearing an apron with his sleeves rolled up. It seemed that he was helping in the kitchen.

Her son was born with a silver spoon in his mouth!

As the head of Lambert Group, Hendery was one of the elites in Indonesia. At this moment, he was helping a woman cook in the kitchen.

Nevermind this, but this woman might even have a child with another man.

As Hendery’s mother, how could she not be distressed, anxious, and worried?

“Son, I came to tell you something,” Mrs. Lambert said anxiously.

Before Hendery could say anything, Den Den spotted his grandmother and greeted happily, “Grandma!”

He held Hayden’s hand and ran toward the door.

Hayden was a cold and aloof boy. Of course, he would not just jump about. The two of them ended up pushing and pulling. It took them some time to reach Mrs. Lambert.

At Den Den’s yell, Mrs. Lambert noticed Hayden.

As long as Hayden was around, it would be difficult for others not to notice him. He had a cool temperament and was very handsome and cute. With such an appearance at such a young age, he was indeed very eye-catching.

In Mrs. Lambert’s eyes, he looked exactly the same as Hendery. She was instantly attracted to him.

No one knew what Hendery looked like as a child more than Mrs. Lambert. Hayden looked just like Hendery.

They did not look exactly the same, but their temperament, personality, and aloof appearance were exactly the same.

Hayden turned his head to look at Den Den helplessly. Mrs. Lambert was even more shocked. Was this not the little boy her assistant had taken a photo of? It was obvious that he was her biological grandson.

Rachel did not give birth to another man’s child! It was Hendery’s child!

Mrs. Lambert’s eyes lit up with excitement.

Finally, Hayden and Den Den were in front of her.

Mrs. Lambert could not hold back her emotions anymore. She bent over and looked at Hayden, asking in a trembling voice, “Little boy, what’s your name?”

“Hayden.” Hayden observed her. Actually, he did not need to analyze her to know her identity as Den Den had already told him.

After observing for a while, he found that Hendery looked somewhat similar to her. He must be her grandmother.

He said flatly, “Hello, Grandma.”

He greeted her.

Mrs. Lambert was overjoyed. “Oh, my dear grandson, Hayden! You’re so polite. Here, let me give you—”

She touched all over her body but could not find anything to give to Hayden. After all, she had dressed too plainly today, and the bag she brought with her today was not her usual one. Hence, she took off the gem bracelet on her wrist and stuffed it into Hayden’s hand. “This is for you, Hayden. I like you a lot. Hayden, take it.”

Hendery was a little helpless. What kind of a meeting gift did his mother give Hayden?

Hayden was also helpless. He realized that everyone in the Lambert family, except for Hendery, was so much like Den Den. Upon opening their mouths, they would be so excited. They also liked to give gifts to people. In the game, William had already prepared the best equipment for Hayden.

At this moment, he did not doubt Den Den’s genes anymore.

Mrs. Lambert also realized that her gift was not suitable for Hayden. She smiled awkwardly and said, “Well, give this to your mother. I’ll give you something better next time.”

“I thank you on behalf of Rachel,” Hayden replied politely.