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Billionaire's Seventh Wife

Billionaire's Seventh Wife




She was forced to seduce the richest man of the Aloha City. It was openly known that he got divorced for six times. His ex-wives died because of unknown reasons. Ileana was given the chance by him to be his seventh wife. What will happen next? Will this forceful marriage lasts forever? Was the man really notorious as he was portrayed by the public? Or something different will unfold in their lives? To find out more join the journey of Billionaire's Seventh Wife. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Officially authorized by Novelcat: “The Seventh Bride of President” theme series novels.

Liam Collins a well known face in the business world as well as in the city of Aloha. He is famous for two particular reasons, one a narcissist and only son of The Collins and another as a crazy divorcee.

The Collins Family is known for their business and reputation and he added another towering factor to it as well.

Recently they have been the talk of the town. They are organizing a public blind date party to find the seventh bride for him. It wasn’t a usual blind date but a girl with a specific surname is actually the target.

All the single ladies from various classes with that specific surname were invited to attend the party. The rules were made clear that out of all the invited candidates only one will be chosen. The cash prize of up to twenty-five million dollars will be awarded as a betrothal gift.

It will only be given if the candidate could win the hearts of the elders in the family along with Liam. This information was hidden from all the participating candidates. Because a senior monk has advised Mrs. Pamela Collins in order to prevent another divorce.

Ileana Smoore, was standing in the kitchen preparing regular steak for dinner. She was listening to the news broadcasting on her phone. She was immersed in her work when footsteps could be heard behind her.

The sultry smell of perfume reached her nostrils and she turned around to inform Mrs. Didem Tyler, “Please give me a moment, I’ll prepare the table soon.”

She expected the usual behavior of her step-mother but… “Don’t worry Honey! It’s okay I’m not in a rush for dinner. “

Instead of yelling she even turned the knob and took Ileana to the living room.

With all her lovey-dovey coaxing behavior she even added, “You’re our precious treasure. How can we even treat you as a servant?”

Ileana was baffled at her behavior and even felt disgusted in her heart. So she stayed silent, and knew her position in the house.

As she has been an illegitimate daughter born from a mother who was a dancer in the club. Her late mother has always been ridiculed by the mistress of the house.

Didem’s chummy attitude made her suspicious but she played along until the end.

She knew well that Didem was up to something big, soon it was revealed. Her father, Graham Tyler sighed with a sullen face, “Ileana, only you can help dad right now. We are facing a problem with the cash flow in the company… and you’re already 24-years old, I’m worried about our future. Shouldn’t you at least take responsibility for the sake of us?”

“Huh… What are you expecting me to do now?” Ileana spoke as she had already guessed what he was up to.

“Hmmm… Well The Collins are arranging a blind date party for their only son, Liam Collins to choose a seventh wife. If… If you could marry him then dad’s problems will be solved easily.”

“You mean… Liam Collins, the crazy divorcee?”

Ileana deadpanned as she had the idea of their sweet talk.

"Yes..." Graham lowered his head and said consciously.

Ileana couldn’t believe that he could stoop so low.

After a pause he added, "He might be violent, but all his marriages do not last for long. In a month or two, he would be divorcing you. All you have to do is just put up with him for a little while."

Ileana gulped hard at his words and her eyes widened with shock. To add salt on her wound Didem chimed in, "That's right! You're a member of our family too. You can't just stand by and watch us die, can you?”

She was sizing up Ileana’s expression with her cunning smile.

Ileana’s heart ached at their words though she had expected the worst but still…

“How could they?” She questioned herself.

“Has she mapped them wrongly? Or have they always been like that?” Her mind was throwing dagger-like questions.

“How can they tie her up with a known demon?” Her eyes welled up at their ridiculous behavior.

She mustered up some courage and asked coldly, “Why don’t you tie your beloved daughter, Kylie with that demon?”

Kylie, her younger step-sister and Ileana shared the same father.

She was only born seven days after Ileana, as Didem’s child.

Ileana stated further, “As an unmarried girl, being the same age as mine, she could be the perfect candidate to.”

Hearing Ileana’s words, Didem’s facade went down the drain. She yelled at her throwing daggers, “Are you insane? How can you say that? Why are you so selfish? We are feeding you and bearing your expenses. What else do you want? If she marries him how could she find a good husband after divorce?”

“Exactly my point! If I marry that demon then how am I supposed to find a good husband after divorce?” Ileana retorted with the same intensity as Didem.

“So what? Are you pushing us to the dead end? Why are you so cold-blooded and selfish, Ileana? At least help us for the first and last time, I beg you!” Didem whined while shedding crocodile tears.

Graham held her on the shoulder and sighed, "Alas! I know. It’s okay Honey, she is not that close with us so it’s fine for her even if we die.”

Ileana’s hands were trembling, her heart was racing with anxiety. Listening to their words was sickening, she gave a wry smile and muttered, “I wish I could do that to you, dear father.”

“Hmmphh… Alright, I’ll attend,” sighing deeply she deadpanned.

"You don’t have to burden yourself dear?" Graham said with a cunningness in his eyes.

He was joined by Didem in the play, “It’s fine honey, we’ll seek another solution. I guess I'll have to sell off this house in order to survive…”

Ileana cut off their words, “I’ll go and pack my things.”

Their play was short lived as Ileana was sick with their over acting.

"Then you should really try your best!" Didem was still a little worried.

Her mother was dragged again by Didem, “Use all your mother’s tricks to seduce that man. Since our house's future is dependent on that prize money.”

Ileana's face lost all it’s color and her eyes welled up but she remained silent.

“Use all her tricks which she taught you while seducing men…” Didem was cut off by Graham.

Ileana clenched her fist tightly, digging her nails into the palm. Her jaws tightened while bearing the insult of her mother.

She reminded herself to stay calm and replied, “I know now what I’ve to do. Mrs. Tyler, rest assured.”

Turning around, her face was stricken with tears so she left hurriedly.