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 Win Her Back! Billionaire's Regained Wife
Win Her Back! Billionaire's Regained Wife
He kissed my cheek and then pulled away from me, taking my legs, and spreading them wider, seating himself between them. The tip of his member teased my entrance before slowly, he pressed into me. The first thrust caused me to squeeze my eyes shut and exhaled sharply as the pain spread over my entire body. When I opened my eyes again, I could see that Arnold had a worried expression on his face. But then he continued, aiming another thrust. As he stared at me with concern, I saw in those cobalt blue orbs how he loved me… my sister actually. As I observed him exerting control over himself in an effort to prevent him from pushing all the way inside of me or ramming into me, sweat began to trickle down his forehead. It appeared to me that he was having just as difficult as I was, and seeing that gave me some solace. Because of the agony and the pitying feelings I had for myself, a tear trickled down from the corner of my eye. I ought to have lost my virginity to the man I love… to the man who will vow to marry me… and not to the man who already belongs to my sister. As time went on… the pain became less intense, and all that remained was a dull feeling in the space between my thighs. As he continued to pound into me, I tightened my hold on him, and my nails scraped across his back. His thrusts have progressed to become more in-depth and rapid, and his entire length was now able to totally penetrate inside me. Moans escaped my lips as I clung unto him. Both of us were panting when he finally collapsed on top of me, allowing ourselves to catch our own breaths before either of us could utter a word. After he managed to compose himself, he rolled onto my side and buried his face into my neck while I remained unmoved, staring at the ceiling. What have I done? I gave my virginity to my sister's boyfriend for the sake of money. *** Celestine Wheeler has an identical twin sister, Leina, who separated from her when they were four years old because their parents divorced and the court awarded her mother her custody while Leina was taken by her father. They met again after twenty years, and her dad offered her a task to sleep with her twin sister's boyfriend, Arnold Maxwell in return for a huge amount of money. She accepted it without hesitation because she needed the money for her critically ill mother. She completed the mission effectively, but they had no idea that Arnold Maxwell, the billionaire with whom she had slept, had doubts if the woman he had sex with that night was really his girlfriend. He decided to make an investigation and the things he found out shocked him.
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