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I Am His Mate

I Am His Mate



General Romance

Ten years ago, he's my favorite punching bag and he's a total crybaby.We used to play around their mansion all the time. Ten years ago, his smile was genuine and bright. His pair of blue orbs held no responsibility or pain. Ten years ago, he was my friend who swears that he will always protect me no matter what. We have our time, our tiny world. Just the two of us. But when I came back everything about him changed.His eyes changed from pure blue orbs to bloody red, his gaze looks as if he’s in great pain. My childhood friend changed into someone I don't know. Something dangerous.. strange.. and utterly beautiful. He holds a great responsibility now. He became the Alpha of his own pack. As I've seen what he has become I realized nothing matters more than him. He is an Alpha who's patiently waiting for his Luna. He calls himself a beast and I call him mine. “Audrey, you are mine and everything I am is yours.” “Then, please be that way forever.”


  Audrey Howey :

  "Honey, hurry up! We're leaving in no time." My Aunt Beth called me from down stairs.

  "Okay aunt!" I replied as I was running down the stairs, finding my way to the kitchen.

  "So, are you ready?" she asked while smiling. It did not take much time before I responded merrily. "Of course I am!" I replied.

  Since school is finally over, my aunt and I decided to spend vacation at my grandma's house. It's been a decade since the last time we visited her and I was just at the age of eight. I don't really remember how things worked during those times, but all I know is I feel excited to see her already. My dad works overseas, so it's very often for me to meet him and when it comes to my mom? I don't know where she is, that explains why Aunt Beth is taking care of me. I don't feel bad about it because my Aunt and I are good.

  "Be sure to lock every window and door, okay?" My aunt reminded me before heading off to the garage and kicked start the car.

  "Yes sure!" I shouted. She's been reminding me all this time of course I know what I had to do. I smiled before closing the front door. "I'm going to miss this place, especially my cozy bed." I said to myself.

  My memories with my best friends made this room special. Sleepovers, truth or dares, hide and seek and everything which I can say is very fun. I am a very outgoing person and I like it when I share or connect with someone with the same interest as me. I hate the feeling of being alone so I made friends that will be there for me. I placed the key in my pocket as I smiled. I took one last glimpse when the car stopped in front of me as Aunt Beth waved her hand and opened the door. I got in as quickly as possible, she looks so eager to go already. I glanced at her first, before placing my ear phones and went to the music section of my phone. The long journey has begun!


  It's been eight hours since we left; the whole trip is so quiet except for my earphone that is still in my ears and the radio which my aunt turned on. I kept my eyes on the front road, watching the street lights turn red, yellow and green. I dragged my attention to my aunt. The smile never left her face, she really must be so excited to see Grandma Candice. She smiles over the radio and seems to be imagining things. I heard that she and my Mom are very close siblings. Whenever they remember her they always look so hopeful. When I was young I was really curious about her but as I aged I accepted the fact that the world revolves like this now. I don’t really have any memories of her but that’s alright. My auntie treated me as if I am her real child. I have my grandmother too so I really have nothing to ask for. I am content with the things that are right now.

  I know Grandma Candice raised Aunt Beth, so maybe she misses her dearly. I can tell how delighted she is. Well, as long as I can see her smile I am happy as well. I want to have a beak with everything too. I want to unwind, relax and experience new things because my life is a little boring. I am basically just a normal girl back in high school and college. I’m not a popular or queen bee but I’m not with the nerds either. I am in the middle. There’s nothing more boring than that.

  I don't want to burst the bubble, but because it's been eight hours of travel already and my boredom is pushing me to ask, I managed to break the awkwardness, "So, we're not there yet?", she smiled and answered "Be patient honey, we'll be there in no time." she said while still wearing that wide smile. It's obvious she's extremely excited. The scenery outside the car window is a little strange. I know that grandma resides in the countryside but I never expected it will be like this. It’s like we are entering a forest or a fortress that will lead to new world. I’m not even exaggerating. It’s like this place has been kept and preserved. I’m starting to wonder how grandma purchased groceries. She can call us every time does that mean there’s a signal above there?

  A few minutes later and she finally said "Were here!" I looked at the surroundings and it seems like the place changed a lot. Not that I remember everything, it's dark so it'll be hard to say how much things changed here. I’m still a child back then so it’s difficult to remember.

  The night breeze will bring chills down to my spine. I don't think that the place is scary, it's just that, something in this place feels off. I can't look around right now because it was still dark. I swear if I ever enter the forest I don’t know if I’m going to come back alive. It looks too dangerous to even think of the idea.

  The big tree got my attention, because I saw something glowing beside it. It was fast, more like a blink of two yellow dots. My eyes caught it even though it was very fast. It's sparklingly beautiful and mesmerizing. What are those? Fireflies, I suppose not because it was too bright for a spark fly. It rubbed my eyes and as I expected it’s gone! I am a fan of mystery myself and I can't help to wonder over this sweet head of mine about those creatures that are still a mystery. Maybe there's a line of secret vampires clan here?! Or maybe the fairies will put a curse on me because I am a trespasser? I laughed at my savage thoughts. That’s definitely not it.

  "Go ahead Hun, I'll be there once I park this car there", she said while pointing at the free space beside my grandma's house. Grandma's place looks super huge but the house and design looks simple with the touch of vintage scenery. You can tell that this house survived for decades.

  "Okay." I responded. A dash of wind blew my hair as I got out of the car. The wind is undeniably cold. When I went outside I heard something move on the tree that I was staring at. What is it? Something ran off like an animal.

  I was shaken out of my thoughts when I heard my Aunt called, "Grandma Candice, we're here!" Aunt blurted out and after seconds, the door cast opened and then I saw her, my grandmother. She looks elegant even though she is old. Her hair was a little blonde and her eyes were beautiful blue.

  "Audrey is that you?" Her voice was gentle. Grandmother Candice looks beautiful despite her aging beauty. She said before hugging me as I also hugged her back. I giggled,

  "I missed you so much Grandma." I laughed as I inhaled her dark chocolate scent with the touch of woods. This scent, I'll totally never forget.

  "Me too, darling dear." she said and gave me a few kisses and looked at me as she paused and then continued, "You're stunning dear, how long has it been? Look at you, so beautiful and grown and.. a queen." I smiled at the compliment.

  Her words are always deep. It always seems that there are more than the words she simply says. If you are witty enough you will catch those lines. She's a woman of knowledge.

  "That's why I'm your grand-daughter, to whom will I get these looks from?!" she laughed with what I said. "Hey, what about me? Can I get a hug too?" Aunt Beth asked as grandma and I smiled at each other and did a group hug. To me, I never ask for more than this. My mother disappeared right before I could remember and my father does not come home always. With these people, at least I feel loved and I matter.

  I heard a loud howl from the forest and I immediately looked back at it. What is that sound just now? It sounded like it was a little close to us. By any means, are there wild animals here that will devour us any second? Is this place really safe?

  “What’s wrong Audrey?” Grandma asked.

  “Just now there is..”

  “Please pay no mind to that. Some beasts always roam around the area to secure their territories. It’s a habit.” She joked.

  “What? Isn’t that dangerous” I asked.

  “No. Not one bit.” She said and held my hand. She noticed that my hands are a little cold so she immediately told us to come inside.

  "Get your bags and get them in. I bet you had a long journey, you better rest." Grandma Candice said.

  We followed and she guided us inside. I lifted the bags and got them into my old room where I will be staying. As I entered the house, I remembered many things and to where my room was located, it's facing the woods where the scenery is good. The woods and the mansion on the other side of the forest are still there. When I get to see this, curiosity always gets into me. When its day or when it's night the outside view is always fascinating. I remembered asking if there is a prince in that castle and grandma always answer it the same way.

  “The prince never leaves the castle not until the princess is found.”


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