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Best Vampire Romance Novels That Will Lead You On A Fantasy Journey

Best Vampire Romance Novels That Will Lead You On A Fantasy Journey

2023-01-18 15:14:48
  • Deathly Vengeance

    Cess bliss

    They met, he courted her, he treated her right, like she was some sort of precious gem. They got married. They were happy But.. They weren't happy for the same reason. He was happy because He could finally get his ultimate... REVENGE !!! What revenge did he want? What happened for him to want revenge?
    Vampire ★ 0
  • My Boyfriend Can Control The Darkness


    A lovestory between a fairy and a vampire. So Seth's a hybrid, he's a vampire and he's got darkness. He falls in love with Melody too. She's not exactly royalty, neither is she part of a pack, a sect or aristocratic descent but for some reason he's been able to see her in his dreams for the passed two years. Their love chapters edges out very quickly, the real challenges and story begin after they start dating. Melody is a passion fairy recovering from so many toxic relationships, she despises her family for abandoning her and yet she still wants somewhere to call home. She doesn't know what she's doing wrong. She just wants what's best for everyone but why does it seem like the world is just against her trying to be a good person, being a good girlfriend doesn't seem to be working out either. Seth's scared of his darkness. He's hurt so many people because of it in the past, he's afraid Melody will leave him once she discovers just how much of a monster he really is. So many unanswered questions. Fate can be cruel when dealing with kindhearted people. Mates here are considered the ultimate lovers, the attraction that brews up within them can make them make hasty decisions and is often confused with lust. It brought Seth and Melody together in almost a week. Regardless of whether Melody had been fully healed from her previous toxic relationships or not. It brought Horace and Kristyn together. Although she despises the fact that some fated match could spell the end to long term relationships. In fact, there was a point in her life where she'd rather commit suicide than have a mate. With all these challenges we wonder if Melody will be able to give herself completely to Seth? Will Kristyn let her grudges go and have a happy relationship with Horace? Will Melody be able to help Seth control his darkness? Or would he just go off like a ticking time bomb one day, destroying the planet as we know it?
    Vampire ★ 0
  • Vrynnea Shayde


    New home. New town. Unforseen events. Things will never be normal for Rynn. Especially after meeting Zane Night and Valister Gates. Vrynnea always knew she had a type of clairvoyance. She knew those who had raised her, weren't her biological parents, but still accepted them as such. Vrynnea's torn between two guys, both of whom are in love with her. She notices something about the two of them that doesn't seem right.
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